Logotipo Poke Friendly

We are a group of people who strive to create delicious, sustainable and healthy products.

We try to offer the best to all those people who still do not have much time to prepare a balanced meal at home, are still concerned about their health and want to use the service for its comfort and practicality.

Through Hawaiian, Japanese and international inspired healthy food that defines itself as Natural Fast Food.

With a nutritious, light and balanced menu, it gives prominence to the complete salad.

We promote the national production, especially local, and the traditional atmosphere of meeting and shopping within the traditional markets.

We are committed to sustainability, we are a team of people who try to collaborate with the planet to reduce emissions and pollute the environment as little as possible. Poké Friendly assumes its commitment to sustainability and this is reflected in the use of biodegradable containers, cutlery and straws as well as napkins and recycled paper bags. In addition, alternatives that represent a better solution will be actively sought.